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I first started spinning vinyl in 1995 and am a self-taught DJ so am aware of the problems and huge learning curve I faced when getting started. Back then there was no real information available. DVD's weren't invented and DJing is no-where near as popular as it is today.
Everybody now knows a DJ but in my opinion (and a fairly strong statement so early in the site!) is just because you own some records doesn't make you a DJ. I practiced hard with a friend I met at university - the Teknition, Oxford - who is still the best hardcore DJ I know. For more information please see the Guest DJs and mix pages to see what he has to offer. We bounced ideas off each other and I hope he learnt as much from me as I did for him. There is without question a lot to learn and master in your quest as a DJ.
I'm still learning everyday and do not claim to be a know-it-all of any description.

I first got a play-out at Coventry University in 1997 where I studied a BA in Business Studies. It was a regular slot on Saturday afternoons where I played old skool hardcore up to and around 1995 era. I progressed from there with a little confidence. A smallish venue but had a little following of regulars each week so mistakes were allowed and was a great learning experience. It taught me a great deal about working with rubbish equipment and skipping needles. The monitoring was atrocious, half the mixer didn't work and in some cases sound to the DJ was non-existent but I'm sure made it has helped me to become a more competent DJ in the long run. It was the downstairs bar in the venue that used to be the raving club - The Eclipse. Its been called the Planet and several other things since then, but was most well known for its old skool raving roots as one of the only clubs in the Midlands at the time with an all-night license.

Unfortunately the sessions closed down with no warning. I had no intention of buying music I didn't want to hear (such as house music and its variations) so when University finished in 2000, I headed back to Northampton and got playing in some of the smaller clubs and pubs in the town centre with drum and bass. I was fortunate enough to be considered good enough and short-listed to qualify for the competition in first time local DJ competition @ Eternity Nightclub which is now sadly demolished! Nothing to do with me though! I competed with a 15min set over 4 heats and a final against 47 other local DJs and won the final on 21 st December 2000 . New Technics 1210s and a mixer. For more info and the press release please see the flyers in the Events section.

There isn't much call for drum and bass in Northampton and where there is a scene its one I don't feel I particularly fit into. I frequent post on a DJ forum board where I met up with a Leicester (now Bristol) based DJ by the name of Kymatik. I organised an online battle pretty much under the same rules as I'd competed in at Eternity in the drum and bass forum. Mine was voted the winning mix by other forum users so I was very pleased! On the back of that and the mixes from my site I was invited to become a regular guest DJ at Kymatik's "Trisect" nights. I have been fortunate enough at the time of writing to have been billed with the Scratch Perverts, locally based DJ Skully (DMC UK Champion 2002) and two time world champion DJ Noize from Denmark - quite simply the best live DJ set I've ever experienced, the Freestylers (equally awesome - the full live band), Bailey and DJ Zinc so a huge shout to Kymatik - I can't thank you enough. And also for the record probably the most talented and under-rated DJ I know.

I very much do DJing as a pastime hobby and love every minute. It is from my play outs that I've gained most practical experience and have allowed me to expand on my original website. I've learnt a great deal of other things on the forums board which is an excellent way to get opinions and open your mind to things you didn't know or maybe hadn't looked at in that light. This can unleash your own creativity so something I'd recommend you do. I hope therefore that you find something that may help you in your quest for progression and remember the more you put in the sooner you progress and the quicker your own style will evolve.

Have fun and do what you want to do - there are no rules and everything here is not set in stone. Add your own twist and take what you know already - bring something to your mixes and make them unique. Doing something, whether it be well planned or spontaneous, that is unexpected to the listener will get you both noticed and remembered.

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