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All data contained herein is my own work and opinions and in no way is the Definitive Guide to DJing of any genre. All content has been created for the express use of the personal user (you) but no material is to be used or referenced publicly without prior knowledge of the author (me).

I cannot be held responsible for any damage to any equipment or medical conditions such as impaired hearing (used only as an example) suffered by any individual from accessing and utilizing any information held herein.

All files made available are checked for malicious content and no responsibility can or will be accepted for any complications arising from accessing or executing files downloaded from djmandrick.com by the author, its hosting service or any other site linked to or from it.

If you feel that anything herein is the copyright of you or your company, please contact me and I will happily remove the item in question.

By continuing to read or access this site whether visually or audibly (or by any other way you can think of), you have agreed to these terms and conditions and are bound by them.

Translated to lamens' terms

If you're a noobie DJing is addictive - you will loose sleep in your quest to accomplish your currently unleashed potential. Oddly this diminishing quantity of sleep will be directly proportional to your cash flow and may raise certain worries with Mr. Bank Manager - good equipment costs money, don't be fooled into thinking anything else.

Should you follow any of these guides, read them carefully and if in doubt, don't do it...... or alternatively ask Mummy or Daddy and see what they say. Then do it anyway.

DJing is expensive and time consuming if you want to be competent - expect your partner to feel hurt and rejected by your new babies stealing all your time and money, leaving nothing for your Doris (or Geezer - delete as applicable) all because you've become a Vinyl Junkie. Your disposable income and social side will be swallowed up by your new sideline unless you have mates that do it too. You have been warned - practice is needed an hour upon hour upon hour will need to be dedicated to it.
(I'm not going to keep saying it but no amount of reading will substitute the doing. It can also be a fairly solitary hobby for many hours over the forthcoming time.

Turn your stereo up too loud and you may wake up to find your neighbours/flat mates/parents have murdered you in your sleep.

Anything you download, run it through your own anti-virus before initially opening.

As a final note

An ounce of common sense and a sense of humour is preferred when reading this site. If you fail on either criteria there are two options! Go and lock yourself away with your decks and work it out yourself and protect all your secrets from the world. Better still put those shiny decks back in that newly opened box, pack them carefully and send them back as quite frankly there are far too many egotistical DJs in the world already. If everyone did that you wouldn't be reading this now as a starter. Now there's a statement.

Don't take anything written here too literally. Certain statements are embellished to make a point and in some instances those written are extreme examples. If anything breaks, you blow your speakers, you scratch your records, your CD's don't burn properly and you are left with enough coasters to accommodate a WI coffee morning its not my problem mate!!

To bring you this website to you is funded by me for you. I don't get anything financial from doing this. I have experienced all of the above and hopefully these experiences are rubbish ones you won't have to forego. No one wiped my nose, gave me a cuddle and told me it'd be alright. You want to be DJ? You'll take a few knocks along the way with promoting your sets, bookings and the like and probably find the whole process of learning a very frustrating process but some of the best feelings can from gracing the decks so let's get you prepared.

Enough of the Legal Legislation - on with the good stuff..........

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