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I should imagine this is the main reason for you visiting the site. Which is great as this is the intended purpose of the site - the backbone if you will and was the main criteria for setting up The idea was to write and publish the site I never found when I was learning. I hope it provides you with detailed and easy access to helping you over your current hurdle whatever it may be.

The tutorials are written from an absolute beginners point of view so my apologies if you feel patronised by how its written. This is to cater for absolute newbies and so no-one feels intimidated by the content - it is only words and actions after all !!

I have also tried wherever possible to give some background on why I'm telling you to do what I'm telling you to do, so you have a background understanding in the application not just the technique.
It is scientific fact that the brain works in two stages when learning. the initial processing of the information and the second part being that applied to a situation. For example you may know how to scratch but that doesn't mean you can do it. you have to train your brain to understand what your hands are supposed to do, but its a whole different board game trying to get them to actually do what your brain wants. There will be conflict and hair pulling, yes, but that doesn't mean its impossible.

If you are beatmixing you can try to do it all on your own. I started in fact by plonking the needle on the record anywhere - literally drop it and hope there was a beat that coincided with the headphones. If there wasn't, I carried on until it did. That could mean putting the record you are playing back two or three times. Pitches? Didn't know how to use them. I understood what they did but I had no method of application so you will find my little tips and stuff are trial and error fixes, to save you having to go through it yourself. When I say I'm self taught that's exactly what I mean. I literally made horrid noises and I could have rivaled Intercity for the number of trainwrecks I was responsible for. I had no idea what I was doing, no one to help or offer advice or knowledge and very little resources that shared anything - back to the elitism of DJing again! I hope this compliments any other sources you may have viewed and helps you on the way to being the DJ you want to be. I'm still learning too so I'll add to this as time goes by.

Feel free to skip about and if you have a current problem which you are trying to overcome hopefully something here will help you, or be explained in a slightly different matter to what you may have already read or heard and sheds an alternative light. Everybody learns differently so I hope my methods and advice work for you. If they don't, don't despair - have another look, print it off if necessary, trot to your decks and follow it word for word. It may be you are just overlooking something very simple.

If you find this useful or can give any feedback this would be appreciated. I'm constantly wanting to make this the most comprehensive site on the internet but as previously stated I am no expert on everything. I too would like your thoughts.

If by all means you can offer good applied examples in terms of mp3s etc. or a guide on something you feel would simply sit nicely in a section, especially if like me you'd like to put a bit back, please get in touch. Full credit will be given and your name in lights!!! Well text and in the knowledge that you are helping take over the world!! But that's another story......!

Enough rambling, lets get started......


The chapters links are on the left and any sub content to the chapters will appear as section links just above the title to this page.

Should any links have a ">" after them I have put this in to highlight there is no current content - but this will be added very soon.

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