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So what DJing equipment do you need to unleash your creative potential?

Each chapter link on the left will help you understand each part of the equipment, its functions and pointers that my persuade you when purchasing your first setup or when looking for an upgrade.

If you're on a budget (as I suspect this site will be read mostly by a youth audience) money may not be in great supply. Panic ye not! This is something I'm aware and have catered the tutorials with this point in mind. However no matter what your budget this shouldn't deter you from learning. There are equipment options for all budgets but as with everything its all relative. The more you spend the better the product will be, the better its componentry and the longer it will last. Tips in the relevant buyers guides will hopefully aid you to make an informed choice on what you buy and get the best possible value for money. Where applicable, any section links can be found just above the title of this page.


The chapters links are on the left under my animated DJ logo and any sub content to the chapters will appear as section links just above the title to this page.

Should any links have a ">" after them on the left I have put this in to highlight there is no current content - but this will be added very soon. This section is pretty much complete.

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