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So what's there to know about hifi? Well, without one you won't be able to get any sound out of those decks! The hifi is the just as much a key part to your success as the next component.

We'll touch on how to link it all to your deck/CDJ set-up, where all the leads go and the different types you can buy. We'll also look at buying and the pros and cons of separates vs the manufactured hifi unit. We'll touch on areas concerning speakers and what sort would suit which occasion.

Also included here is the a brief over view or recording equipment in terms of what is available to you and the possible mediums of choice. Although this is touched on in other areas of the site, I feel this is a typical grey area in terms of knowledge by most users (and beginners) so I hope to at least shed some light and reduce any confusion.


The chapters links are on the left and any sub content to the chapters will appear as section links just above the title to this page.

Should any links have a ">" after them I have put this in to highlight there is no current content - but this will be added very soon.

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