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DJ Source 2005 Winning Battle Entries

(open to all members, all genres)

Entry: Final Battle Mix
Result: Winner of Battle 2005.
Entry completion: Tuesday 7th June to go out on djsource radio 18th June '05

Title: The Relationship
Style: Drum n Bass - 5th June '05
Duration: 58mins 21s / 54.7mb

Rules -
Up to 60 minutes, as many records as you like - no limitations. Downloadable MP3 @ 128kbps

Description -
A mix concentrating on fulfilling every human emotion, titled The Relationship. Some light, euphoric with some nasty twists. Peaks and troughs to try and cover everyone's tastes even if they aren't into the drum and bass. Its flowing yet gritty, uplifting yet dark. Emphasis is on the mixing with most mixes in the region of 2 minutes as you can see from the description below. Tad of scratching at the beginning and ends but leaving the main mix well alone. Volume on first scratch appears to be a little quiet but I wanted to add a layer to what was playing not bash you round the ears with it.

00.00 - 1st tune starts
00.26 Scratched "whoosh" - crab (much better this round), orbits, flares, transforms, chirps
04.15 - mix starts
06.08 - mix ends
08.25 - mix starts
10.28 - mix ends
11.39 - mix creeps
13.20 - mix finishes
15.40 - mix starts
17.39 - mix finishes
20.32 - mix creeps
21.26 - mix ends
24.40 - mix starts. Runs original beat through break with bass EQ's reduced.
26.06 - mix ends
29.35 - mix starts
31.30 - mix ends
34.12 - mix starts
35.28 - mix ends
39.25 - mix creeps
40.35 - mix ends
44.18 - mix starts
45.53 - mix ends
48.35 - mix starts
49.50 - mix ends
52.46 - mix starts
54.30 - mix ends
56.17 - "Hit Me" scratch thru to
58.21 - mix end

Track Listing
01. Unknown Error - Shadows [Trouble on Vinyl]
02. Optiv - Outside World [Random Recordings]
03. T.K. Freaky [Bingo]
04. Optiv - Geiger [Random Recordings]

05. Pacific - Another Place [Explicit]
06. Break & Hydro - Immaculate [Quarantine]
07. Insiders - Same Old Games [Renegade Hardware]
08. SKC/Bratwa - Prophecy [Soul:R]
09. Silent Witness & Break - Close to Zero
10. Optiv - Eggplant (BSE Remix) [Red Light]
11. Konsta - Autumn [Rubik Records]
12. Marcus Intalex - Zumbar [Soul:R]
13. Zinc ft Slarta Jon - Flim (Calibre Vocal Mix) [Bingo]

CD Cover - front - click image for full size
(right click, open in new window then save full picture to your PC)

CD Cover - back - click image for full size
(right click, open in new window then save full picture to your PC)

Entry: Semi-Final Battle Mix
Result: scored 48.5/60 - thru to Final

Title: Jumped Up
Style: Drum n Bass - 9th May '05
Duration: 46mins 53s / 43.8mb

Rules -
45-50 minutes, as many records as you like - no limitations. Downloadable MP3 @ 128kbps

Description -
A mix concentrating on the jump up classics. Again longer mixes than you may expect from dnb with some tone manipulation at the end. One weekend to complete as I had other commitments and no connection at home! However, I am however very pleased with the result.

On a technical note, unfortunately some chorus' in the mix appear to get louder as they progress and then the mids drop once the beats come back in. I've had to use a portable MD recorder as my separate now refuses to function and don't seems to be able to stop it doing it!
It isn't me banging up the faders or expanding the mids to try and ruin your patience by you having to keep turning it up and down! Its only very minor in most cases but those eager ears out there may spot it ("hard step" treble and "barcelona"vocals are the worst case!) but thought it best to mention it and I hope this won't go against me.

00.00 - 1st tune starts
02.34 - mix starts
04.20 - mix ends
07.25 - mix starts
08.53 - mix ends
11.00 - mix creeps in
12.21 - mix ends
14.43 - mix cuts in and proceeding until full @ 14.53. Various cuts to both decks as mix progress.
15.58 - mix finishes
18.55 - mix starts
20.18 - mix finishes on subtle power down
22.50 - mix creeps
24.27 - mix ends
27.05 - mix starts
28.48 - mix ends
31.55 - mix starts
33.11 - mix ends
34.11 - "Bad Boy" scratching to 34.57
36.44 - mix teaser
37.23 - mix creeps
38.33 - mix ends
41.07 - mix starts
41.49 - mix ends
42.30 - tone manipulation "bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!" - crab scratch introduces scratching using various techniques.
43.09 - cutting in using cross fader - using RPM button and increasing decreases the pitch as necessary to get the different notes to mirror the bass (whilst still transforming rhythm with fader)
46.53 - Your listening pleasure (I hope) is complete.
46.54 - put the kettle on

Track Listing
01. White Label - Be The One [White]
02. DJ Rap - Hardstep [Proper Talent]
03. Aphrodite - Stalker [Aphrodite Recordings]
04. Dream Team - Public Enemy [Joker]
05. White Label - No Diggidy [White]
06. Bad Ass Remix - Urban Mix [Urban Takeover]
07. EZ Rollers - Walk This Land '99 Mix [Moving Shadow]
08. The Luniz - 5 on it Remix [Urban Takeover]

09. D-Kay & Epsilon - Barcelona (High Contrast mix) [BC Recordings]
10. Kosheen - Hide U (Decoder and Substance Green Mix) [Moksha Recordings]
11. The Terrorist - The Chopper (Shy Fx Remix) [Ebony records)

Entry: Quarter-Final Battle Mix
Result: scored 52.5/60 - thru to Semi's

Title: Broken Beats
Style: Drum n Bass - 18th April '05
Duration: 30mins 32s / 28.6mb

Rules -
Max 35 minute rule, as many records as you like - no limitations. Max 30mb MP3 download

Description -
A more structured mix starting concentrating on smooth transitions with a little scratching for good measure. Principally a liquid mix with a darker influence at the mid-way point. I tried to show quick cueing and so the emphasis of the mix results in a high percentage being two records mixing together of the total time. It was noted on past mix that entered mix had no flow. I've tried to improve on this for this round.
Finally, all the best to Baby Bass who I'm Head-to-Head with this in this Quarter Final round.

00.00 - Intro scratch - "Your dj...... "
00.08 - Mix starts.
01.25 - Initial "bleep" scratch
04.04 - Mix creeps in. Mids expanded @ 04.45
[nb - there is a kick you may hear that happens a few times that sounds out in the mix every few bars - that's on the record not due to poor mixing!]
05.49 - Mix ends
08.45 - Next mix begins
10.48 - Mix ends
11.45 - Mix starts
13.19 - Mix ends
15.06 - High hats cut in

15.16 - Both records mixing live
17.32 - Mix ends
18.28 - Mini scratch famous "whoosh" sample
19.10 - Mix starts
20.26 - previous beat left running through mix behind vocals - bass EQ slightly reduced so as not to dominate
21.09 - Mix ends
23.39 - Mix starts
25.05 - Mix ends
26.48 - Scratch
28.47 - Outro scratch "and you don't know me yet"
30.36 - Mix ends on a play out of the tune

Track Listing
01. Mathematics vs Tectile - In and Out [Social Studies]
02. Sonic - Future World II [Space Recordings]
03. TK - My Trade [Bingo]
04. Gridlok - Kerbcrawler [Virus]
05. Optiv - Geiger [Random Recordings]
06. Insiders - Reach Out [Renegade Recordings]
07. Dj Marky + XRS - Return to Paradise [C.I.A.]

Entry: Round Two Battle Mix
Result: 1st in Group of 7 scoring 63/70, marked by competing DJs

Title: Analogue Revolution
Style: Drum n Bass - 30th March '05
Duration: 23mins 30s

Rules -
Max 25 minute rule, as many records as you like, first beat of first record must be included. Any finish - no limitations.

Description -
A mix across the dnb genres from Dark to Jump Up with some vocals thrown in for good measure. A mixture of tune ages from 1997 to present.

00.00 - Intro scratch - "Let the show begin".
02.32 - Brainwash introduced, low EQ's gathering volume through the mix.
04.51 - Mix finishes, simple fade at breakdown.
05.35 - Mind overload introduced with mids EQ increased to bring out vocals. EQ flattened as mix carries on.
07.42 - Mix finishes
09.20 - Body language creeps in.
10.32 - finishes on power down.
12.30 - Aphrodite mixed with simple scratch to throw it live in the mix at breakdown. Bass EQ reduced, slowly increased through the break to add depth and to compliment drop of main tune. Aphrodite bass line made dominant.
14.17 - Mix finished
15.58 - tease scratch.
16.05 - main scratch using transform, drags, tears, stab, chirps - sample "Hey Dj".
17.15 - Special K introduced, cut in brought in deliberately.
19.05 - Mix Finishes
19.49 - Muffler intro beat crept in underneath.
21.37 - Mix finished with power down.
Final sample introduced from an old skool record, Trip to Trumpton at second break to close the mix. Fade to finish.

Track Listing
01. Bad Company - The Pulse [Prototype] - 2001
02. Ram Trilogy, Chapter Five - Brainwash [Ram] - 2003
03. Brockie/Ed Solo - Mind Overload [Undiluted] - 2004
04. Blue Sonix - Body Language [Nu Directions] - 2004
05. Aphrodite - The Wobble [Aphrodite Recordings] - 1998
06. Knowledge - Special K [Proper Talent] - 1997
07. Muffler - Somber [Urban Takeover] - 2002

Entry: Round One Battle Mix
Result: Qualified 2nd in group

Title: The First Contact
Style: Drum n Bass - 6th March '05
Duration: approx 12mins 24s / 8.4mb

Description - 3 records, that's the more, no less.

01. Adam F ft. M.O.P. - Stand Clear [Kaos Recordings]
02. Muffler - Sin [Urban Takeover]
03. Ram Trilogy, Chapter Six - Super Fly [Ram Records]

Extra Mix details:
Snare scratch sample taken from Stand Clear used over final break before outro on Super Fly using tears, orbits, chirps, stabs and drag techniques.

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