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So I can talk the talk but can I.....lets stop that - I hate that phrase! Lets have a looksie. Get those speakers on and hold on tight. I'm like Father Christmas - a lil summat for everyone.

All files are checked for viruses and stuff but use your noggin: This is the internet.
There may be virus' yet to be discovered lurking in here. You'll know this already as you've been a super visitor person and read the disclaimer though so we needn't mention that again.

Please feel free to listen by (left clicking) or download these (right click then select "save as") for your personal use (or your mates or even their mates!)

All I request is that if you have any other broadcasting purpose I'd appreciate just a quick email and a clickable link to this site ( or any page within it.

Oh yes, and for the mix to remain in its originally published state, unless you have sought my prior consent obviously.

Everything is presented (where I still have the original files) in at least 128kbps MP3 format for maximum ease of download compatability and high audio quality.

OK, roll the beats......... .

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