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Navigation Demo

Welcome welcome!!

Probably best to read at least the first 4 steps before you start clicking away - otherwise you'll loose the instructions as you follow them and get whisked elsewhere on the site and may not be able to find your way back, so I'm told...!

Step 1 - Main Section headings

Simply wave your mouse over the section headings. As your mouse passes over them they'll turn red. Click whichever of these top section headers you want more info on.

Step 2 - Chapter Headings

Once you have clicked your selection the chapter headings for that section will appear just under my animated dj logo.

On this page you will notice that the "navigation demo" link is greyed. There is no link so its easy to spot which chapter you are currently viewing. You can then work your way down the list if you like keeping track of what you have already viewed.

Step 3 - Pages within Chapters

As you click each of these chapter headings the introduction page for that chapter will automatically open in this very window.

If there is more than one page of information on your selected chapter page links will appear above the title of the page.

You will notice the "introduction" is still white. That's so you can tell at a glance which page you are currently reading. I have put in Dummy Link 1, Dummy link 2 and Dummy Link 3 as examples to show you where the next pages in the section would normally sit. Just work your way from left to right until you run out of links - that will then be all the current cnntent on that chapter.

I have also now added a Next and Previous page link at the bottom of each to help save you time scrolling up and down.

These page links will always stay the same until you move onto the next chapter or select another Main Section heading.

Step 4 - thats it!

That's all you need to know. Happy clicking.

If you want to know more about why I've designed it to work like this, the benefits of it, you are bored at work with nothing better to read or are simply someone who will be visiting the UK anytime soon, please feel free to read on!

Why Use Three Navigation Bars? Isn't that overkill?

I chose this three way navigational system for one very good reason. Simplicity and ease of use for you, the user. Nothing frustrates me more than an unnecessarily complicated and cluttered interface using one crappy massive bar or hundreds of little ones that spring out at you. These are the worst. Things start happening, the screen goes haywire, menus drop down and start popping out all over the place when in actual fact you were just trying to find your mouse cursor as it has disappeared under that smeared blob of jam/finger print on your monitor screen which you still haven't got round to cleaning off yet. And its been there for months.

Also in overly complex menus or poorly designed sites you get lost in pages within pages within pages and can't find (let alone finish) the page you were looking at yesterday (I know - the old djmandrick.co.uk was EXACTLY like that!). You might be reading a new "Get Rich" scheme which is guaranteed but it's not much use if you only have time to read half of it and can't find where you left off on a return visit. You end up book-marking everything and never get round to deleting them so your Favourites folder becomes more cluttered than an E-bay pound sale.

Everything down to the tiniest detail held on this site is never more than 3 mouse clicks away no matter where you are on the site. Sounds complicated but its a doddle once you get your head round it. Cunning hey?!

So welcome to M andrick's IN teractive T ri-nav S ystem. And I'd patent it if it'd be worth doing. Which its not.
What would be better AND cooler is that the acronym would spell MINTS without me having to jiggle the letters and pretend that the N in Tri-Nav doesn't exist. If left untouched it would be MITNS and that sounds like rubbish Winter clothing.

Add that to the fact that in the UK where mittens/gloves or whatever you call them are required for 359 days of the year in itself is nothing but depressing. Out of the six remaining days of the year (seven if its a leap year - just means one more for the "Rain" score-card):

  • Two days are responsible for snow (that is at best, never deeper than half an inch) which incidentally makes people totally lose their ability to drive, turns adults into children of five and annually brings the whole infrastructure of the country to a grinding halt. Panic sets in and a national milk shortage is on the national news as crazy people stockpile for the long winter ahead and on their way home from work have been purchasing them in multiples of twenty in case they get snowed by the next morning. The next morning they throw back the curtains to find its just a bit damp yet they have 618 pints of milk to drink in 36 hours.
  • Two days we see snow (for half an hour and about three flakes across each county) then some hail for up top three hours in particularly peaky areas then some rain for the remainder (and fog on the leap year).
  • The remainder it's just overcast wherever you are but you notice (usually whilst watching the end of the news and your local weather idiot comes on to depress you further) that everyone else just outside sensible driving distance in the country is enjoying what appears to be tropical climates which I like to call the "48 hour Summer" we've all been looking forward to. And also talking about it since the last one which lasted months in most people's memories - rose tinted glasses anyone?

This as you have noticed has sod-all to do with Jing. It is a UK website so weather has to be mentioned. My last point is this and is particularly applicable to any DJs from overseas. You might want to get a gig here one day so get ready on that Print button. This is important. In fact its so important this should be on a free leaflet given to you as you enter the country.

Please be aware that should you get cornered in riveting chit-chat with a local (whilst frequenting a drinking establishment please be especially vigilant of elderly patrons spending their pensions; mostly in Wetherspoon pubs), don't mention the words "Hot" and "Summer" in the same sentence especially if where you are vaguely tanned or are from a country where you DO actually HAVE Hot Summers. This will be perceived as a challenge by the drunken person before you. When hearing this the stiff upper lip goes into place and we often have to whinge about how hard we have it. (see bullet points above as an example). When challenged on the weather (it is a favoured pastime and we are somewhat experts in the field) anyone over thirty five is morally and legally bound to commenting on the drought (i.e. hose pipe ban) of 1977. They always do to me when I get caught out and respond to their small-talk starter question "alright there, sonny? Nice weather isn't it" more out of politeness than interest. I live here, I already know. I too am a self-proclaimed expert by my heritage. More to the point, what do I care? I was three months old. I didn't have to share a toilet with the neighbours before flushing, but thanks for enlightening me. Again.

OK enough reading, back to the DJ-ing - click away my now enlightened chumlette!!!

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