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1/2/07 - New MP3 downloads available:
Ibiza Classics Vol 1 & 2
Old Skool Classics

5/12/06 -

NEW Djing for Dummies published - DJ Mandrick featured!!

Having run this site for the best part of 9 years in its three guises to date, I am very proud to announce has now been published as the first featured resource for further reading in the "DJing for Dummies" book published by Wiley. Its great to see that my site is helping others and is becoming more and more widely known as a quality resource on the Net. Recommendations are cropping up all over the internet to which I thank those linking me and spreading the word.

Thanks to John at for mentioning the site in his book and increasing the exposure of I sincerely wish John all the best and having bought and read the first edition I can honestly recommend any newbie taking some time to read this book. Its easy to follow has many golden nuggets of info and well worth adding a visit to your local bookshop next time you're in town.

Welcome to DJ Mandrick's Web Corner

Thank you for not only investing the time and bandwidth in yourself but also having an open-minded attitude to learning and/or researching other peoples' opinions and thoughts on DJing. Oh, and for checking this site obviously!

This site was first designed and published as on the Internet in 1997 and received its first revamp during 2005 with the kind help of exposuremind . I have received a lot of positive feedback from DJs all over the world, with over three thousand visitors per month at February 2005. Times have moved on as my skills have progressed as a DJ, especially since it's last update on the initial site was when I lost my connection nearly two years previously. Navigation and poor hosting made it a frustrating and complicated task for the user, as there was no set criteria for the initial site's content. Instead of being designed for purpose it just evolved, with pages being bolted on. Once the purpose and type of content was established this has encouraged me to update and restructure the site (even a new domain name and hosting with no pop-ups!) and continue to be a comprehensive reference point for all DJs from the absolute beginner to the more advanced.

The thinking behind this site was to be the site I never found when I first had access to decks.

So whether you own decks or not, have no idea where to start, want beatmatching and scratching tutorials or help setting up your PC to record a mix from decks to pc or producing a professionally edited and track marked CD, if you need assistance on wiring your new hifi setup for the best monitoring results or simply can't decide between CD decks or turntables, if flares to you are just bad trousers from the 1970's or crabbing is a past time of fisherman from Devon, if you have no idea what a record looks like or you have been DJing a while and want to add a twist to what you do, all being well there is something here to help you. (That's the best way I could come up with to list all that stuff without using bullet points!)

Best of all this site is totally free - No catches. No spyware or any of that nastiness, nothing will be written to your PC (or Mac!) sending it haywire and no information will be stored or used by me as a result of you reading or downloading anything here.

Enjoy your stay and if you find something in here of use to you all I ask is that you tell someone about this site so that they too may widen their perspective and hopefully their knowledge base. If you think that's a crap thing to do as you think all this totally sucks, simply give me some feedback using the mail address link which can be accessed at the top of every page. Its nice to know people actually read this and what they think is very important to me including improvement ideas, good or bad. All are welcomed!! Bit of a huge waste of time for me otherwise. But then if there's no-one actually reading this, they won't mail anyway so I'm now just typing for the exercise. Presuming you are actually there (hello!) lets move on to.......

Information doesn't cost anything and I reckon should be accessible to anyone who wishes to read it! In my experience DJing can be a very elitist area, which I have to admit I hate. The purpose of this site is to break down such barriers, as it is my opinion the more people do it, the faster the scene can evolve, the quicker you can learn and the more you'll enjoy it.

All information in this site is as comprehensive as I know how and information has been pooled from experiences both good and bad, friends in the scene, fellow DJs, play out experience, DVD's, television, interviews, magazines and just about any other medium I have managed to gain access to over the past ten or so years. All collaborated for your convenience into a one-stop pool of data - My brain via the internet!

All content on here is tried and tested and to the best of my knowledge correct. However proceed with caution when following any guidelines for the first time and please read the disclaimer if you haven't done so already.

As a final comment no matter what you may read here or anywhere else, there are no right or wrong ways to mix or DJ so if you do anything differently for those of you not so experienced, then that way might work best for you. There are several methods for obtaining the same results most of which are favoured on a personal basis and will differ from DJ to DJ. Practice and time will soon highlight which are most suited to you and quite frankly you'll need a lot of both.

This site is just my way of trying to help you get a footing on what you are supposed to be doing and possible ways to speed you achieving your aims - to get a sound foundation of understanding which is why some of the text may appear to be long winded. Me telling you, "just go away and practice" is no help if you have no starting point or frame of reference. You won't know what to do or what you are trying to do or ultimately how to achieve it. If I highlight an example with an explanation hopefully you'll understand more what my brain is trying to tell you! It's not just telling you how to do something, I've also tried to explain why I'm telling you to do what you're doing. A sound basis and clear understanding will take longer to learn and read initially but may help you to find your own way and find improvements on the techniques quicker than trying to re-invent the wheel!

And finally.............Navigation......

There seems to be some confusion on how to navigate this site so for any new visitors, click here for instructions or better still click "Navigation Demo" to the left of this, the main window, just under my animated logo.

Ok Lil Q'Bert, let the games begin.......

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